What is the Difference Between Camera Focus and Zoom?


Zoom: It is to change the focal length of the lens to change the angle of view of shooting, which is usually referred to as zooming in or out of the subject.

Focus: Adjust the focus so that the subject is in focus and the image is clear. Usually refers to adjusting the distance between the lens and the film to make the image of the subject on the film clear.

The Difference Between Zoom and Focus

The zoom lens is relative to the fixed focus, that is, at the same position, you can expand the viewing range (wide-angle state) or reduce the viewing range (medium, telephoto, telephoto) by rotating the zoom ring of the zoom lens (mechanical and manual), The fixed focus lens cannot change the viewing range; focusing refers to adjusting the distance ring so that the distance between the photographer and the subject is consistent with the camera's instructions to ensure the sharpness of the subject. Auto focus means that the camera automatically measures the distance of the subject through infrared and other means.

Simply put, zooming refers to pulling in or pushing out the subject, while focusing refers to superimposing the image formed by the lens with the photosensitive device to obtain a clear picture.


Manual focus and auto focus refer to whether the image of the photo sensor is clear and in focus after the refraction of light. If the camera has autofocus, then the lens will automatically detect how to adjust the lens inside the lens (at the same focal length) so that all the focus is on one object. Manual focus is your own manual adjustment of the lens, usually used in macro. Therefore, the common blur state in taking pictures is caused by incorrect "focus".


At present, there are basically two types of digital camera zoom, one is physical zoom and the other is electronic zoom. The physical zoom, also called optical zoom, is mainly used to move the lens distance inside the lens to achieve the reflection and refraction of the object's light to move the object closer or farther away. Because it is the actual movement of the lens, which belongs to the physical zoom, the imaging effect will not be distorted, so the higher the optical zoom, the better. Electronic zoom, also known as digital zoom, uses electronic modes and software arithmetic methods to bring objects closer or farther away, so it will be distorted. The larger the multiple, the more distorted.



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