WDR Vs HDR, What is the Difference Between Them?


As the driving recorder is becoming more and more popular, similar products on the market have also sprung up. So what do WDR and HDR in the camera mean, and what is the difference between them? In this article you will find the answer.

What is WDR?


The full name of WDR is Wide Dynamic Range. Simply put, wide dynamic means that the particularly bright and dark parts in the scene can be seen very clearly at the same time. The wide dynamic range is the ratio of the image can distinguish the brightest signal value to the darkest signal value.

Generally, under strong light or backlighting and other relatively low-brightness situations, the camera camera image will appear particularly bright or particularly dark. The bright area is caused by overexposure and the dark picture is caused by underexposure. Serious Affected video clarity and quality. This limitation is what we usually call "dynamic range".

In a broad sense, "dynamic range" refers to the span of a changing thing that may change, that is, the area between the lowest point and the highest point of its change value. The description of this area is generally between the highest point and the lowest point. Difference. This is a very widely used concept. When talking about the shooting image index of camera products, the general "dynamic range" refers to the ability of the camera to adapt to the light reflection of the scene in the shooting scene, specifically the brightness (contrast) and color temperature (contrast) ) The range of change.


What is HDR?

The full name of HDR is High-Dynamic Range. Compared with ordinary images, it can provide more dynamic range and image details. According to the LDR (Low-Dynamic Range) images with different exposure times, the final HDR image is synthesized by using the LDR images with the best details corresponding to each exposure time , Which can better reflect the visual effects of people in the real environment.


What is the Difference Between WDR and HDR?

WDR and HDR are two different processing technologies, one is hardware and the other is software processing. As for which one you think is better, I am more greedy. If the two can be used at the same time, I don’t know if the effect will be better. Maybe it’s impossible. In fact, the purpose of WDR and HDR is the same, that is, to make the details of the dark and bright parts clear under high contrast conditions. It's just that the method of implementation is different. Although not very accurate, it can be roughly understood that WDR works on hardware, while HDR works on software.

Generally, we take pictures and take the exposure of the highlight area, and the dark details will be lost. If the dark details are taken care of, the highlights will be overexposed. In order to solve this problem, we use HDR technology. Simply put, it is a photo that contains both highlights and dark details.

By the way, HDR can only be used for static images, while WDR can be used for dynamic images or videos due to its principle and high-speed DSP support.

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