Application scenarios and characteristics of non-contact face temperature measurement equipment

Application scenarios and characteristics of non-contact face temperature measurement equipment

At present, the all-in-one face temperature measuring machine has a wide range of applications in complex application scenarios such as entering and leaving campuses, communities, corporate offices, government affairs and public service places that need to measure body temperature, screen fever personnel, and access control.

Compared with the handheld infrared thermometer, the face recognition infrared temperature measurement and access control all-in-one machine has the advantages of long distance, large area, non-contact and rapid screening of body temperature, etc. It also condenses face detection, face comparison, Functions such as living body detection, access control, attendance management and high temperature alarm.

Face temperature measuring access control integrated machine is used in kindergarten / school opening, escorting the safety of teachers and students

As kindergartens, primary and secondary schools are about to start school, face recognition temperature measurement access control comes with non-contact accurate temperature measurement + access control time and attendance punch card and other functions, which can be deployed in conjunction with a smart campus management system without having to stay for rapid screening and automatically generate body temperature Attendance records, data statistical analysis and reports (exportable), so that parents, teachers, students, and school administrators can easily and conveniently know the status of students in school and the health status of students.

In addition, for enterprises to resume production, the traditional method of measuring body temperature is no longer applicable, and the traditional fingerprint punching method also has the risk of cross-infection. Our new launched face recognition temperature measurement device adopts thermal imaging long-distance temperature measurement technology + AI face recognition technology, supports human body temperature detection, temperature display, real-time voice broadcast, automatic generation of body temperature attendance records, 1 meter ultra-long distance body temperature detection, detection accuracy is less than 0.5 ℃, second-level detection speed, support for traceability of temperature measurement data, and support for face recognition and comparison when wearing a mask. The most important thing is that even after the outbreak, this face recognition access control attendance machine can still use the face attendance function to replace the traditional fingerprint punch card machine and play its most important functional role.

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