Camera Module OEM & ODM
one-stop service from design to manufacturing!
Camera modules could be embedded in various mobile devices to capture photos and videos, such as smartphones, smart home appliances, and smart scanning products.

In all fields, a high level of technology is required, requiring high resolution, and low power consumption. Our well-trained R&D team would provide satisfying camera modules pro type and great support according to your application, from design to manufacturing, we offer a one-stop service so u could focus on what you are good at.

Custom solutions according to your camera module resolution request (up to 13M resolution):

Wide Selection of  Camera Sensors
Resolution Brand Sensor Size Format Supportable Frame Frequency
16M SONY IMX298 1/2.8 YUY2/MJPG 10fps
13M SONY IMX258 1/3.06 YUY2/MJPG 15fps
10M Onsemi MT9J003 1/2.3 YUY2/MJPG 15fps
4K OmniVision OSO8A10 1/1.8 YUY2/MJPG 30fps
4K SONY IMX415 1/2.8 YUY2/MJPG 30fps
4K SONY IMX317 1/2.5 YUY2/MJPG 30fps
4K SONY IMX179 1/3.2 YUY2/MJPG 30fps
4K SONY IMX219 1/4 YUY2/MJPG 15fps
5M OmniVision OV5640 1/4 YUY2/MJPG 15fps
5M Onsemi AR0521 1/2.5 YUY2/MJPG 25fps
5M PixArt PS5520 1/2.5 YUY2/MJPG 30fps
5M OmniVision OV5693 1/4 YUY2/MJPG 30fps
5M Galaxycore GC5035 1/5 YUY2/MJPG 30fps
5M OmniVision OV4689 1/3 YUY2/MJPG 30fps
3M Galaxycore GC4653 1/3 YUY2/MJPG 30fps
3M Onsemi AR0331 1/3 YUY2/MJPG 25fps
3M Onsemi AR0330 1/3 YUY2/MJPG 30fps
2M SONY IMX385 1/1.8 YUY2/MJPG 30fps
2M Galaxycore GC2053 1/2.9 YUY2/MJPG 30fps
2M Galaxycore GC2145 1/4 YUY2/MJPG 20fps
2M SONY IMX307 1/2.8 YUY2/MJPG 30fps
2M SONY IMX323 1/2.9 YUY2/MJPG 30fps
2M OmniVision OV2740 1/4 YUY2/MJPG 30fps
2M OmniVision OV3660 1/5 YUY2/MJPG/ H.264 20fps
2M OmniVision OV2710 1/2.7 YUY2/MJPG/ H.264 30fps
2M Himax HM2131 1/2.7 YUY2/MJPG 30fps
2M SONY IMX291 1/2.8 YUY2/MJPG/ H.264 30fps
1.3M Onsemi AR0130 1/3 YUY2/MJPG/H.264 30fps
1.3M OmniVision OV9281 1/4 YUY2/MJPG 30fps
1M Onsemi AR0135 1/4 YUY2/MJPG 30fps
1M Galaxycore GC1064 1/3.6 YUY2/MJPG/H.264 30fps
1M OmniVision OV9732 1/4 YUY2/MJPG/H.264 30fps
1M SONY IMX225 1/3 YUY2/MJPG/H.264 30fps
1M Himax HM1091 1/9 YUY2/MJPG 30fps
VGA Galaxycore GC0308 1/6.5 YUY2 30fps
VGA OmniVision OV2659 1/5 YUY2 30fps
VGA OmniVision OV7740 1/5 anolog 30fps
VGA OmniVision OV7251 1/7.5 YUY2/MJPG 30fps
VGA OmniVision OV7725 1/4 YUY2 30fps


Lenses / custom filter/FoV options

From the field of view, it could be divided into ordinary lenses (about 50 degrees to 70 degrees), wide-angle lenses, ultra-wide-angle lenses and fisheye lenses.

The field of view of the wide-angle lens is generally around 80°, which is mainly used for shooting general scenes. The ultra-wide-angle lens is used for shooting scenes such as landscapes, buildings, and group photos. The fisheye lens is an extreme wide-angle lens and the view angle even reaches 180°, the diameter of the lens is very short and protrudes outward, similar to the eyes of fish, and is widely used in the fields of scene monitoring, robot navigation and measurement.

According to your FOV request, flexibly match the most suitable lens, a wide selection of view  angles such as :
Diagonal (°) Vertical (°) Horizontal (°)
180 180 180
 170 161.1 166
 120.0 90 111.1
 115.2 81.2 102
107.1 73.9 95.1
 90.5 61.9 82.4
 80.1 53.1 73.7
 63.4 37.8 54.4
 46.8 27 39.6
 34.4 19.5 28.8


Custom module shape

The mechanical size of the module can be designed according to the assembly requirements.

Custom connector types

Camera interface flexible selection:

MIPI/ CSI-2, DVP/Parallel, SPI, USB, etc

Note: when a MIPI camera module is required, kindly pay attention to the compatibility of the camera sensor selected with the processor model of your main board. Please make sure the camera sensor has been proven compatible with the main board.

In short, you only need to tell us the following points, and let us do the rest:

1. Your application of the required camera module

2. Your required resolution of the camera module

3. Your Preferred field of view of the camera module

4. Your required interface for the camera module

5. Your requirements on the dimensions of the camera module if any

6. Your expected image format (RAW, MJPEG, YUV, etc.)

7. Your backend processor if possible

Our experienced team of engineers will design a camera module prototype suitable for your application based on the requirements you provide, and further discuss with you to improve product details until mass production.

If u have modules currently in use for prototype (pictures/ links/), that will promote the development and just feel free to discuss with us.

Contact us now to make your idea into reality!

Camera Module Manufacturing

Incoming Quality Control Process
IQC Inspection Contents Inspection system/equipments used
RFPC/FPC inspection Length/width/thickness  caliper
positioning hole Three-dimensional measuring instrument
PP overflow glue microscope
Coating thickness Film Thickness Tester
Steel sheet/reinforcing plate resistance
Welding bubbles multimeter
Thrust tester (original thrust) X-Rry
slice Push-pull machine
Bend test
Solderability Three-dimensional measuring instrument
Flatness test
Bending testing machine
Visual inspection
Product production date and expiration date
Lens inspection size Tin stove
Lens resolution OGP
Visual inspection microscope

IR+Holder subassembly
Critical dimensions (as defined by drawings, increase/decrease monitoring items)
IR and holder edge fit gap Calipers, three-dimensional measuring tools"
IR cut surface Three-dimensional measurement tool
IR transmittance microscope
IR Adhesion Spectrometer
IR film adhesion Push-pull machine
Visual inspection 3M
Holder inspection size microscope
Visual inspection caliper
Protective Film inspection viscosity microscope
Visual inspection microscope
ESD test microscope
Incoming inspection of capacitors, resistors, ICs and other electronic materials Solderability "Tin stove
Capacitance resistance microscope"
Capacitance three-dimensional
Resistance bridge
Visual inspection bridge
Tray incoming inspection critical dimension microscope
ESD test caliper
Solder paste incoming inspection Solder paste brand/model Surface Impedance Tester
Insulation Resistance Test Label
Flux content Impedance Tester
Viscosity Content tester
Incoming tin wire inspection Tin wire brand/model Viscometer
Flux content Impedance Tester
Insulation Resistance Test Content tester
Incoming material inspection glue Viscometer
Gold Line marking


SMT Quality Control
NO. Process Content Process Specifications/Errors Feature level (CTQ key station "▲", regular station "★")
1 bake Baking temperature 150℃    
bake time 2H
Oven spot inspection control method Monitor the 5-point test
2 Exterior Aging after FPC baking 12H
FPC stack height ≤10cm
3 FPC mount Appearance After the product returns to room temperature, there is no abnormal phenomenon such as discoloration, deformation, etc.
Illumination 600-800
Fixture flatness 0.2mm
Exterior The substrate sticking fixture is flat; the high temperature glue cannot be attached to the FPC pad or gold finger; the FPC cannot be stacked after it is mounted.
4 Solder Paste Printing Steel mesh use environment Equipment automatic cleaning; 1 time / each piece; less than 3 pieces
  Manual cleaning: 1 time; less than 20 pieces
Stencil Cleaning Equipment Steel mesh automatic cleaning equipment
Tension Standard Test Five points of tension (four corners, middle) 30
5-point tension difference of steel mesh ≤11N/CM
Stencil Specifications 1.0mm
Steel mesh usage times 100000
Solder paste usage environment Temperature: 22~27℃ Humidity: 45%~60
Warming time 2H
Open expiration date 24H
Stiring time 3min 
Viscosity Set according to the specific solder paste type
Validity period Solder paste validity period: 6 months
Scraper speed 60±20mm/sec.
Squeegee pressure 3~5Kg/Cm2 
Scraper life 100,000 times
scraper angle 45~60°
Scraper flatness Placed on a marble platform, one side is illuminated with light, and the other end is free of light leakage
Printing effect check No tin, less tin, missing printing, thin tin, thick tin and other undesirable phenomena; BGA pads are full
Open expiration date 100,000 times
5 ★SPI Solder paste thickness 60-150%
CPK control>1.33 CPK control>1.33
Solder paste volume 50--180%
solder paste area 60--180%
6 SMT pressure Depending on the component height, no overvoltage can occur. Air pressure: 0.4~0.6Mpa;
speed 100
angle 90
Loading, changing No wrong material. Wrong direction of components, etc.
capacitance Measured according to BOM specifications
chip By BOM model
resistance Measured according to BOM specifications
7 Previous furnace inspection Exterior "1. Are there any defects such as leakage, drop, wrong, reverse, offset, damage, etc. of the mounted components?
2. The pads on the FPC/PCB board have no defects such as excessive tin, less tin, and offset of printed solder paste"
8 Furnace control conveyor belt speed Recommend 650~750; do DOE verification;
Heating slope 40-170℃(1-3)℃/s
constant temperature 150-180℃(60-120s)
peak 235-250℃
cooling zone 250-170℃(-3.99-0.99)℃/s
9 After Furnace Inspection Exterior There are no adverse phenomena such as reverse, less tin, more tin, virtual welding, short circuit, reverse sticking, few pieces, many pieces, wrong pieces, and tombstones
Solder joint INC thickness Slicing required: 1~3um
X-ray sampling ratio ≥20% No bubbles
capacitance 0201≥0.8Kg, 0402≥1.00Kg, 0603≥1.2Kg, 0805≥1.5Kg
IC The standard for components smaller than 8mm is ≥1.8Kg, the standard for components larger than 8mm and smaller than 25mm is ≥2.0Kg, and the standard for components larger than 25mm is ≥3.00Kg
Connector ≥2.2KG


FOL ( Front of Lineup ) Craft Processes

Ultrasonic Cleaning - Chip Cleaning - LA Assembly - Hot Pressing - Baking - Visual Inspection

EOL( End of Lineup ) Craft Processes 

Vibration (simulating automobile transportation vibration table) - sub-board - focus - dispensing - UV glue inspection - UV curing - VCM welding - full function inspection —Appearance inspection-paste protective film—OQC appearance inspection——Vacuum machine
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