Video Doorbell

Video Doorbell
With the development of society, a safe, comfortable and advanced living environment has become the basis of modern residential quarters (or smart residential quarters), and the visual intercom system of residential quarters is an important part of building this foundation. The visual intercom system is an intelligent system for visitor identification and electronic control information management designed by using single-chip microcomputer technology, duplex intercom technology, CCD camera and video display technology.

The video part of the intercom main unit is composed of a camera, which completes the image collection of the intercom main unit, and then sends it to the intercom extension display through the video channel. At present, the video part of the intercom host of the building video intercom system is limited by space, and the camera basically uses a single-board computer. The best monitoring range of the video part of the intercom host of the building intercom system is generally within 0.5 meters from the intercom host. Inside. Generally, the camera module installed in the visual access control panel is equipped with an infrared light, which can meet the requirements of clearly presenting the face image in the environment with insufficient lighting at night.

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