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Professional OEM Camera Module Manufacturer from China

CAMEMAKE is an OEM camera manufacturer and supplier from China . Our camera module products have been exported to Europe, America, Middle East, South Korea and other regions. We have been providing our customers with high quality, low price, high performance, and competitive camera module products and solutions.

We have professional production and design capabilities and can provide OEM and ODM services. Can fully customize the camera module to meet your project needs.

Benefits of Choosing Our OEM and Custom Services

  • Professional OEM and ODM service
  • Industry-leading warranty service
  • Provide a set of customized solutions to meet your project needs
  • 24-hour after-sales service to answer various questions for you
  • Custom labelling with customer specific part numbers
  • Provide Board level or enclosed cameras
  • Support WindowsXP/ vista/ seven/8.1/ Mac linux2.6.2 (include UVC).


Application field

Our embedded CMOS camera module can be easily integrated into many embedded platforms, which are very suitable for imaging applications, such as computer vision, automation, medical imaging, industrial, artificial intelligence, drones, stereo vision, license plate reorganization, etc.

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We also provides customization for the following requirements:

PCB form-factor customization for any shape, connector, and orientation Lens holder customization for C/CS-mount lens holder and any other processor Camera and ISP features customization based on specific requirements.

For OEM / custom imaging solutions or to learn more about different ordering options, please contact sales.

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